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POL is the only real database spreadsheet.

One-of-a-kind offer: a symbolic fee of a few dollars for POL’s subscription. The first 100 subscribers will get free of charge three months of a full version. In return, you have to work with a limited version/edition with all the essentials for three months.

You will get access to our three databases for testing, their details, and connection parameters (for the Data Source) at the end of the “Quick Guide”. You can access any remote database but only of: MySQL, PostgreSQL, and SQLite.

For special offer for corporations and companies to POL’s Enterprise platform plan. Send a request to the email:


 POL is an additional spreadsheet layer on top of the current database Technology (Queries).
POL is the only database spreadsheet in which the user can create a formula exactly like Excel but without the spreadsheet limitations.

POL unifies databases and spreadsheet technologies  into one coherent working environment.

POL is the fastest database spreadsheet with an average speed of 20 nanoseconds per record.

POL (Pointers Oriented Language) Enables regular users the flexibility of a programmer to visually generate codeless business applications.

The Problem

According to Forbes, Howard Business Review, and Gartner in the USA alone, 3.1 trillion dollars are lost every year due to poor, incorrect, or corrupted data (2021, 2022). Don't be surprised that there is a great chance that your company is included in this review.

According to those leading analyst companies, 88% of Excel spreadsheets have errors.
There is a long list of colossal mistakes in billions of dollars due to Excel errors (on average, two a year). Those colossal mistakes were published only about the Fortune 500 companies and governments, which are about 600 organizations, but did not include about 200 million of all other companies which not published.

The Solution

POL's Code

POL preserves data integrity and code integrity in a secure cloud environment using unprecedented methods.

POL's code is as simple as the spreadsheet’s (Excel) formulas. Unlike a spreadsheet, it is a single formula that processes an unlimited amount of records that don't need to be copied to all records as a spreadsheet.

POL's code can process billions of records, and more, exactly like a spreadsheet (Excel), on top of database query results (SQL) in a virtual table.


Pointers Oriented Language, or in short “POL” is generated automatically by the user’s visual point & click operations.

POL’s innovation was inspired by a bid from the USA “Defense Advanced Research Project Agency” (DRPA).

No company dared to face this bid.
We are the only ones that cracked it.

Why us?

Main Capabilities

Easier to learn as Excel.

Codeless Platform

No Programming

Cloud platform

Loaded as website

Services We Deliver

Data and code integrity

Generates cloud applications

Deployed as websites


Regular users have programmer flexibility.


Tailor-made applications to your exact requirements.

Code integrity

POL preserves the applications’ code integrity .

One environment

Integrate different data sources in one coherent environment

Customer infrastructure

Used the customer infrastructure without any changes

Choose yourself

The customer can choose their own data and security

Data integrity

POL preserves the customers’ data integrity

Totally secured

The customer’s applications saved in POL’s cloud are totally secured

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