POL (Pointers Oriented Language)

P0L is the fastest data processing development platform

POL's novice users develop database applications 100 times faster than any other database tool with programmer flexibility and the same ease as using spreadsheets (like Excel).

POL's novice users have programmer flexibility, without any programming code. POL provides four user-friendly interface editions, adapted to the user levels of expertise, enabling tailor-made applications.

After clicking the button above, fill in your information in the registration dialogue box,  click the “Subscribe” button at the bottom, and fill in the subscription dialogue box. 

Start using POL by clicking the “POL platform” button at the top right corner, and log in with the username and password you got through the registration and subscription processes.

One-of-a-kind offer:

The first month is free of charge, followed by a symbolic fee for the POL subscription, offering a limited edition that includes only essential features for the subsequent three months. The first 100 subscribers will receive complimentary three-month access to the complete version.

Note: Most item features are inaccessible (essentials only).

You will get access to our three databases for testing, their details, and connection parameters at the end of the “Quick Guide”.

For special offers for companies, send a request to POL’s Enterprise platform: enterprice@pol-intell.com

Note: POL's platform is not yet compliant with mobile phone .

POL is an additional layer with a powerful ability on top of current database technology.

POL’s data processing ability enables formula creation exactly as a spreadsheet but without spreadsheet limitations.
POL unifies several technologies into one coherent working environment while mitigating their respective drawbacks.
POL’s processing average speed is 20 microseconds per record and can reach up to 5 microseconds.

POL (Pointers Oriented Language) enables novice users the flexibility of a programmer to visually generate codeless data processing applications.

The Problem

3.1 trillion dollars are lost annually due to poor, incorrect, or corrupted data in the USA alone and 12.4 trillion globally.

The reason is long development period with a lot of manpower involves millions of programming lines of code causing vulnerability to an accumulation of bugs that in many cases can't be traced.

There are 980 million spreadsheet users. According to Forbes, Gartner, and other leading analytics, over the past few years, reports show that 88% of all spreadsheets have "significant" errors.

Every year there are colossal mistakes due to spreadsheet errors. For example: the bank J. P. Morgan lost 6.5 billion dollars due to an Excel error. Only the Fortune 500 and governments were published. One can ask, what about the other 333 million companies?

The Solution

POL is a database platform. It outpaces any other database tool. It also excels in technologies like SAAS, Cloud, No-Code (Codeless), and Knowledge Management. It executes spreadsheet operations on database tables or database query results with the same ease as spreadsheets. It doesn't have spreadsheets' severe memory limitations. It doesn't have spreadsheets' tedious operations like copying formulas, and defining ranges. Unlike spreadsheets, it processes an unlimited number of records.

POL saves 99% of development time.

POL unifies multiple technologies in one coherent environment.

POL is an acronym for Pointers Oriented Language which is the name of the technology.

  • Leverage the development of data processing apps, slashing development time by 99%.


  • Deploy your web-based database app online for organizational sharing.
  • Alternatively, opt for interface-free deployment as a background data processing tool, triggered periodically by a scheduler.
  • Empowers rapid app creation and scalable deployment, reshaping data management and application development paradigms.

Why us?

Main Capabilities

Easier to learn than Excel.

Codeless Platform

No Programming

Cloud platform

Loaded as website

Services We Deliver

Data and code integrity

Generates cloud applications

Deployed as websites


Regular users have programmer flexibility.


Tailor-made applications to your exact requirements.

Code integrity

POL preserves the applications’ code integrity .

One environment

Integrate different data sources in one coherent environment

Customer infrastructure

Uses the customer infrastructure without any changes

Choose yourself

The customer can choose their own data and security

Data integrity

POL preserves the customers’ data integrity

Totally secured

The customer’s applications saved in POL’s cloud are totally secured

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